CONFIRMED: Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao The Wife Of Ex-Boxer Manny Pacquiao Shot Dead In Robbery Attack

Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao, the wife of professional Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao and a former vice governor of Sarangani, in Mindanao, Philippines is reported dead this afternoon following robbery attack.

According to her husband, Manny Pacquiao, the wife was said to have gone to visit her close friend in Mindanao when she encountered her sudden death.

“Jinkee was found in a pool of blood in her car helplessly yearning for help.” – the Police said.

According to a close source, a good Samaritan reached the scene and drove her quickly to the Mindanao Community Hospital but died shortly after she was able to disclose how she was being shot three times on the chest by the unknown assailants.

According to her, the armed robbers bolted away with her cellphone and her purse containing $1200..

“We had fun together a day before she left for the Mindanao, she looked like a queen in the palaquin in her beautiful dress and little did I expect I could lose her within a twinkling of an eye.”- Sen. Manny said in tears.

According to Dr Cornelius Binay, a team of doctors did all the maximum best to control her situation but all frantic efforts put up proved futile.

“She died just few hours during when the second phase of medication was being conducted on her.”-Dr Cornelius added.

According to the police, investigation is being mounted to pursue this case to fish out for the killers.

In 2014, Jinkee Jamora- Pacquiao decided to run for vice governor of Sarangani province in Mindanao, after her husband was reluctant to choose between two friends who both wanted his support for the position.

She was elected in the May 2013 election as the candidate of the United Nationalist Alliance.

After her first and only term, Jinkee had decided to retire from politics to focus on their family and her businessses.

She was working as a beauty consultant when she met Manny Pacquiao, whom she married in 2000.She and Sen. Manny Pacquiao together had five children.

She died at 38.

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